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Building a new dry cleaner requires a substantial investment. Therefore, the necessary research must be done in order to establish a successful operation. The following factors must be thoroughly analyzed before building a new dry cleaner business.


The first factor to consider when deciding on building a dry cleaning business from scratch is the location. This is a high demand business but the store needs to be exposed to as much traffic as possible. Locations such as local strip malls, corner locations, and other locations where locals are able to see your store is crucial.


Research the competition. How many stores are located within a 3 mile radius? What types of services do they offer? How does your business plan compare to the competition?


The great majority of your clientele will likely come from within a 3 mile radius. One must analyze the demographics of the potential location for clues in income, density, and prevalent occupations. High density urban areas with white collar workers are ideal locations.

Zoning Regulations

Find out the building and zoning regulations for your potential location. Due to the environmentally sensitive nature of this business, restrictions might apply. As a rule of thumb, dry cleaners are not permitted near schools, churches, hospitals, or theathers.

Lease Conditions

Find out what are the lease conditions. Make sure you have enough time on your lease to recoup your initial investment and/or sell the business in the future.

Location Space

Dry Cleaners do not generally need a lot of front end space, as customers usually just drop off or pick up clothes. But one has to make sure there is enough space for the dry cleaning equipment, clothes, etc.


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